Pizza For the Pope!

Blessed be pizza

Blessed be pizza


Pope Francis is a busy man. Too busy and too famous even for pizza! As the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, he recently told a Mexican TV station that he misses being able to go out for pizza. He said the last time he went out for pizza was before he became pope! Poor papa!

Some sympathetic Italians at Don Ernesto’s pizzeria in Via Partenope, Naples, were determined to make a pizza for the Pope. Christianity is about giving is it not? When they heard he was coming to their town, they started making a special pizza fit for a pontiff.

You can see pizza maker Enzo Cacialli handing the pizza to the pope in the video below. The Argentinian pope is of Italian ancestry, so his love for pizza must be genetic! They should have arranged the toppings in the shape of the Virgin Mary, or at least added a pepperoni crucifix! Or maybe not, that might be blasphemous.

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Half Price Domino’s Pizza All Week

half price dominos

Do you want half price Domino’s pizza? Duh! Of course you do! Well the good news is that you’ve got until this Sunday, March 22 to get your paws on a whole pizza for just half the price. You can order any menu-priced pizza for Domino’s and get 50% off so long as you order online at Dominos.com, or if you use the Domino’s app.

To celebrate college basketball’s March Madness now underway, Domino’s is offering 50% off all pizzas. The promotion is clearly intended to get you to download the Domino’s app or check out their website, as you can’t make get a half price pizza over the phone. These kinds of deals usually work pretty well at getting customers involved in apps and other sales platforms. Sneaky pizza peeps! Once you got that app on your phone, you won’t be able to stop ordering pizzas!

Who cares why they do it anyway? The point is you can get half price Domino’s pizza all week! Woohoo!


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Domino’s Smart Watch App – It’s All in the Wrist

dominos smart watch app


Domino’s Pizza company wants to be everywhere right now; on your phone, on your iPad and now in your watch too. There will never be a time when you cannot easily order pizza.

You can now order Domino’s via a smart watch app for Pebble and Android Wear smart watch users. The Domino’s Smart Watch App allows you to place and track a pizza order. You have to create a Pizza Profile first and save an EasyOrder or it won’t work on your watch.

Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s Pizza chief information officer, said: “Pairing Domino’s with smartwatch technology couldn’t be more of a natural fit.

“We are constantly looking for ways to use technology to enhance our customers’ experience and provide them with more convenience.”


Is this a breakthrough in pizza technology? Does this actually provide any benefts? I mean you might as well just call them. On the other hand, having a James Bond style pizza watch is cool. I guess the next thing they’ll do is just implant a chip in your brain that delivers pizza as soon as you start thinking about it. Digital marketing inside your head. Now that would be cool! Terrifying but cool.


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Man Finally Pays For Pizza 13 Years After Check Bounced

pizza letter check


Have you ever written a check which you knew would bounce? You have?! What’s wrong with? Y’all need Jesus! Well there was one Redditor who did just that, but he got himself a conscience.

13 years after he took a criminal move and deliberately paid for his pizza with a check he knew they couldn’t cash, he wrote a letter of apology and paid them the money with interest. In the letter, the atonement seeking customer, who admitted to being “incredibly ashamed and embarrassed” wrote:

“I was going through a tough time financially and was at the end of my rope.”

“I had a hungry child at home, so I wrote a check that I knew would not be honored by my bank. I’m not making excuses for my behavior, just applying context.”


The letter has gone viral with internet users loving this display of reformed behavior and appeal to the virtues of honesty, justice and redemption. The guy who owns the pizza shop was equally impressed. He posted on Reddit:

“The guy didn’t have to do anything, this is a big showing of his character. To include interest was really generous.

“I probably forgot about him when I wrote the check off as a loss and never gave him another thought. This poor dude has been dwelling on this for over a decade.

“If I find out who he is I’m going to have a beer with him. I’m buying.”

Looks like even in this age of decline and moral degeneracy, there is still hope for humanity.

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Pizza Acrobatics in Dubai

There’s more to pizza than delicious food you know! Dubai is hosting the world’s greatest pizza acrobats. What are pizza acrobats you may well ask? Basically its when pizza makers fling discs of dough in the air to make the base light and fluffy. Except at this event at Mercato, no one is going to be eating the pizzas! What a waste.

The three pizzaiolos (pizza makers) from the Italian National Team of Acrobatic Pizza Makers who have been invited to take part share more than 50 years of experience in pizza acrobatics. They were invited to Dubai by theatre company, Saltimbanco Italiano, as part of the 20th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The trio exhibit some amazing pizza skills such as spinning the dough on one finger.

“Pizza acrobatics started as a game,” says Danilo Pagano, a certified pizzaiolo and founder of the team with more than 30 years of experience in pizza acrobatics. “When we were making pizza in the pizzeria, we started doing some acrobatics with the dough. And then we saw the customers enjoying what we were doing.”

The discipline has mysterious origins, but probably began with bored pizza chefs messing around at work. Pagano began making pizzas at the age of 14 at his father’s pizzeria and formed a professional pizza acrobatics team in 1990.

“[Pizzaiolos] need to enjoy [the acrobatics] while doing them and to follow the rhythm of the music. Remember, it’s all up to the dough, not up to us. You have to handle the dough with care but with speed, because it breaks easily,” Pagano explains.

“Sometimes, the dough can do very well and we can work on it for 20 minutes. But sometimes, because of too much water or too much air-conditioning in the mall or whatever, the dough becomes difficult to work with.”

Alessandro Coluccino is a national pizza acrobatic champion. He says it takes a lot of hard work to be a champion.

“I started pizza acrobatics when I was 23. The first three years, I was training for five to six hours per day. Now I have less time to train because of the shows. But the shows are like training as well,” Coluccino says. Because the dough in itself could be tough sometimes, the tossing and turning and spinning requires a lot of energy, and in turn, helps the pizzaiolos burn a lot of calories.

“Pizza acrobatics may only take 15 to 20 minutes but because I’m following the music and concentrating, the mind and the body work together [as if you’re doing aerobics],” Pagano says, adding, “I sweat more when doing pizza acrobatics than when I go to the gym for two hours.”

Gross, I hope they don’t sweat on the pizzas!

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Celebrate National Pizza Week 2015!

The second week of January is national pizza week. What better to way to beat those cold January blues than with a great big pizza pie? The people of Chicago are so keen on pizza that they started a week early so they can already get started with the pizza celebrations.

There are pizza related restaraunt deals all over town that you can take advantage of. Expect similar deals to pop up next week all around the country. National pizza week is basically an excuse to eat pizza 7 days in a row for lunch and dinner. I hope the week afterwards is national get my ass back in shape week.

You could also bedeck yourself with pizza themed paraphernalia to let everyone know about your sincere love for pizza. I highly recommend this cute little hand made pizza ring. If you want to propose to your pizza loving bride then this is the week to do it and this is the ring to win her heart.

pizza week


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Happy New Years Pizza

new years pizza

If the only Happy New years message you got this year is from Domino’s pizza then you need to make a new year’s resolution to make more friends in 2015.

If on the other hand you spent all of last partying and you feel like death warmed up today, then the only hangover cure you can rely on is a warmed up pizza! Why bother cooking or even getting out of bed when you can just dial Domino’s and have them bring you a comforting cheesy pizza. Start 2015 the way you intend to continue it, with plenty of delicious pizza.

If you ask them nicely I am sure they staff will arrange the pepperoni on your new years pizza to say 2015!


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Pizza Xmas Trees

pizza xmas tree

It’s that time of year again. The time when people make Christmas tree shaped pizzas. The one above is from an Italian eatery called Lavo in New York City.

“The chefs are in the holiday spirit!” the restaurant posted to Instagram on Thursday, along with the photo above.

And other restaurants and people all over the country are doing the same thing. Bravo i say. I especially like the yellow pepper star on this one below.
pizza xmas 2


I think it would be even more festive if these pizza Xmas trees and Christmas toppings. My ideal Xmas pizza would have shredded roast turkey, grated chestnuts, mozzarella, cranberry sauce and sliced ham. No brussel sprouts tho’ cos that ‘aint how I roll, ya feel?

Pizzas are good anytime of year but some jive turkeys want us to eat other stuff on Christmas. That’s why pizza Xmas trees are awesome, because they show the man that everyday is pizza day. Even Jesus Christ would want pizza on his birthday for sure!

pizza xmas

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Doritos Pizza – Stoners Dream Comes True

doritos pizza crust

What next, Mountain dew flavor cheese? Pizza Hut have been trying to rebrand themselves recently to look suave and chic, like some old timey Italian place, but they haven’t fooled us. At least Domino’s are consistent in their branding. They make big old dirty American style pizzas with tons of meat and cheese on top. If anyone thought Pizza Hut had turned over a new leaf, they will be surprised to learn about the new Doritos pizza crusts.

Its the kind of thing a stoner would invent. “Hey dude, why don’t we, like, sprinkle bits of Doritos on the crust to make it super crunchy?” What have the pizza hut research and development guys been smoking? This is like a pizza Shaggy and Scooby would make. So now you can have any Pizza Hut pizza converted into a crunchy Doritos Pizza crust. Is this what the Italians imagined would happen to their beloved cuisine when it became popular in America?

If you want chips on a pizza, why not just buy your own and sprinkle them on yourself, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to figure out that culinary skill. I prefer Domino’s to PIzza Hut anyway, at least they are honest about their pizzas not being fancy!

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Dumb Mind-Reading Pizza App

pizza app


This is a totally stupid gimmick that Pizza-Hut have come up with. They have teamed up with a company called Tobii Technology, to make a mind reading pizza app which follows your eye movements to detect what you want to have on your pizza.

There are pictures of different types of toppings and the app detects which toppings you looked at for the longest then puts these on your pizza. This is totally dumb for the following reasons:

  • What if I don’t know what the topping image is so I stare at it too long?
  • What if I look at the gross ingredients longer because I am captivated by their grossness?
  • What if I am cross eyed?
  • If I am just selecting them with my eyes, how is that better than using my fingers or mouth?
  • What if i stare at each ingredient for an equal amount of time?

These are the questions I would have thought they would consider prior to development, but here we are with a dumb mind reading pizza app. Tobii Technology say that 98% of users in testing were satisfied with the pizza that it chose for them. Where did they find those test subjects?

Check out the promo video below, complete with cool indie hipster music. Wow, they read my mind man.

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