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Domino’s have come under fire from animal rights activists after shocking footage emerged of farmers brutally torturing animals on a dairy farm in Mexico which provides Mozzarella to Domino’s pizza. Domino’s responded to criticism saying,

“No act of cruelty can ever be condoned. Ever. What we do know is that this is not an issue with our cheese supplier — it was an isolated case of sadistic acts by employees at a single dairy farm in southern New Mexico.”

Domino’s will now have to reconsider a new poorly timed commercial focused on their mozzarella, which it says is “crafted to perfection by an award-winning mozzarella maker using milk from family-owned dairy farms.”

On a lighter note here’s a pizza with extra sausage and no animal cruelty.

sausage dog

In other pizza news, crafty American pizza innovators have invented a new thing – The French Fry Pizza! It looks messy to me.

pizza fries


Domino’s posted a peace sign pizza for world peace day, but the CND sign looks more like a Nordic rune called Algiz. I wonder if Thor likes pepperoni?


rune pizza

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Crazy Brazilian Pizzas

What’s with these Brazilian pizzas? This Pizza place in Brazil called Pizzaria Bate Papo makes pizzas themed on traditional Brazilian meals. They don’t look gourmet at all, in fact those look like pretty greasy, dirty pizzas but they are big and will fill you up. What’s more they are certainly unusual! I mean, pizzas like this aren’t to my taste, but maybe Brazilians like them.

I think that’s chocolate milk in the center piece.

They didn’t even bother to peel those bananas and that’s a heck of a lot of onion on the far side!

brazilian pizza

Do you want chicken on your pizza? Yeah? is one enough?

Brazilian pizza watermelon

Diverse pizza.


OK so what’s the verdict? Are these Brazilian pizzas gross or sweet?

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Domino’s Pizza Fail

pizza fail

What a Doofus! I found this on the cringe board of reddit. Basically some people are too quick to complain about things before they’ve switched their brains on. Domino’s handles the complaint pretty well too, so I bet the idiot felt like a total jackass when they turned the pizza over and saw all the toppings.

“yooo, i ordered a pizza & came with no toppings or anything, Its just bread.”  LOL!

This should be a lesson for all you pizza lovers, make sure you check to be sure of what you are complaining about before you report a Domino’s pizza fail.

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Happy Pizzas – Drugs as Pizza Toppings

happy pizza

Gap Year students who travel to South East Asia tell tales of “happy pizzas” topped with illegal drugs such as magic mushrooms and marijuana, but now pizza restaurants in the UK have figured out away to sell legal highs as pizza toppings. Drug workers say that pizza takeaways in the North of England are putting peoples’ lives at risk by selling them legal highs.

Many of the so called “legal” highs are not legal to be sold as food at all, only as incense or plant food, but takeaways are getting away with it. A drug worker from Newcastle made a statement to a local paper saying:

“People in the city are telling us this is going on and we are investigating. It is very worrying given that there is often not enough research about legal highs to know about their potency, adverse effects from human consumption, or when used with other substances or alcohol. They are potentially life-threatening so to put them on a pizza is shocking.”

Temporary Superintendent Bruce Storey, of Newcastle Area Command, said this is happening all over the UK, not just in the North.

He added: “Should we receive information to suggest this is becoming an issue in our area, we will take swift action to investigate it further, working alongside our partner agencies.

“Using these substances, in the way they are intended or otherwise, isn’t safe. They have the potential to kill or have a devastating impact on someone’s health as they often contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

“We would continue to urge people to steer clear of them however they are offered.”

According to drug addict charity Addaction, legal highs are more available in the North East than elsewhere in England.

a spokesman said: “Instead of only being available in so-called head shops, legal highs are in more mainstream outlets in the region, like garages and takeaways, and news that they are being sold as pizza toppings is deeply concerning.

“When people take these they don’t know what’s going to happen. Just because they are called legal doesn’t mean they are fine – they just haven’t been classified. They can result in psychotic episodes, hallucinations and people not feeling part of reality, which can lead to them taking unnecessary risks. And if someone has a crisis and needs medical help it is very hard for doctors to know what was in the high they took.

One woman was hospitalized in 2011 by a Happy Pizza she ate in Newcastle. These Happy Pizzas aren’t likely to make you very happy. Better stick to regular pizzas if you know what’s good for ya!

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Mozzarella Cheese Is Best For Pizza Say Scientists

mozzarella cheese

In my humble opinion, a pizza without mozzarella cheese is not a real pizza. That Italian stringy cheese is so stretchy and delicious, no other cheese can compare when it comes to proper pizzas. I’m sure many pizza lovers agree with my assessment but now our opinions are supported by science.

A whole team of food scientists examined the elasticity and other properties of mozzarella and its rival pizza cheeses; Cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, Gruyere and Provolone.

All these cheeses can be combined for different effects but the scientists from the University of Auckland agreed that mozzarella cheese is essential in order to achieve the ideal combination of blistering and browning. they discovered that cheesy variables such as moisture, free oil and water activity all effected the results of a pizza.

Their study was published in the Journal of Food Science and concluded that without mozzarella cheese; Cheddar, Colby or Edam were not sufficiently elastic to form the cheese bubbles we love. The free oil in Gruyere, Provolone and Emmental were found to prevent moisture evaporation, so the cheeses didn’t brown as easily.

“These cheeses can be combined with the easily blistering mozzarella to create a gourmet pizza with a less burnt appearance,” the scientists concluded.

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Buy a Pizza for Someone who Deserves One: RandomActsofPizza

random acts of pizza

Do you believe in charity? There are many people who have had a bad day, a bad year or just a bad life and they could really be cheered up with a pizza. What if there was a way to order a pizza for a deserving sole on the other side of the world? Well, thanks to a Reddit forum called /Randomactsofpizza you can.

You can look on the front page for posts from people explaining why they think they deserve a pizza, and if you’re feeling kind, you can order them one. Alternatively, if you’re a bit short of cash and think you need a free pizza, then you can make a post explaining what’s happened to you and why a pizza could cheer you up. There’s also the option to filter posts according to requests or offers. Your account MUST be at least a month old AND ACTIVE to make a request.

For those who fail to find a free pizza donor on the RandomActsofPizza subreddit, there’s always the option to visit http://pizzacodes.com/ and finding a discount pizza voucher.

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Pizza Vending Machine in Oz

pizza vending machine

A pizza restaurant owner in Australia came up with a great idea after a trip to Italy. He saw similar things at work over there, but decided to make a high quality pizza vending machine for Sidney. The machine cam make classic margaritas or pepperoni pizzas which take only 3 minutes to bake. It’s already proven so popular that he is going to make another one and intends to keep producing them until they’re everywhere. Are pizza vending machines going to replace takeaways?

Owner, George Pompei says he was skeptical at first, and didn’t think a machine would be able to produce a pizza that met the high standards of his restaurant.

‘I wanted to be assured that the machine could actually develop pizzas that tasted fresh and delicious,’ he told Daily Mail
Once the machine was developed it took six months of testing until we were happy with the product…We use stone ground flour, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and rest the dough for 48 hours before it is then rolled out and topping is added.’

The pizzas are partially cooked and then flash chilled and stacked in the machine, ready to be cooked. They are restocked each day with fresh pizzas, so no one is served a stale old pizza with dry dough. But Pompei doesn’t think the pizza vending machine is as good as a restaurant.

‘They’re aimed more at people wanting something to eat on the go rather than someone wanting a proper meal.’
‘We’ve been overwhelmed with the support we’ve gotten. We’re thinking of actually having a competition so that people can tell us where they’d like the next machine to be put,’ Mr Pompei said.

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Fruity Pizza From Domino’s

fruity pizza

Domino’s customers in India are being offered a new kind of pizza experience. The latest edition to the menu is a healthy vegetarian pizza with bananas on it! This fruity pizza is also spicy, with green chilies and bell peppers too.

It was invented by Domino’s resident pizza designer Narender Jaravta. He was keen to incorporate bananas into a pizza because they are often used in Indian cooking in the Southern regions. Dubbed the South Zesty Veggie, it was the product of research into the lifestyle and food choices of consumers in southern cities in India.

Domino’s has been trying to cater for local appetites in India since 1996, and this fruity pizza is one of their most unusual creations. Personally I’d like to see this spicy fruity pizza brought to the USA! It sounds awesome.

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Ginger Kid Weeps over Abusive Pizza Receipt

ginger kid

Domino’s staff have upset a young day-walker. The Ginger kid in question started crying when Domino’s Pizza workers called him Ginger Kid on his receipt. Ross Wajgtknecht, 11, had already endured gingerist bullying in school, so the pizza people mocking him was extremely hurtful.

He and his buddies went to grab a pizza and all gave their real names when ordering, but when he collected his pizza his was the only receipt without his name on. Instead he saw the degrading description of “Ginger Kid”.

He said: “I was really sad. I get bullied at school about my hair but you don’t expect it from an adult. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and brought the packet home because I wanted to show my mum.”

Angry mother Evette, 43, said: “He is usually quite a strong and confident lad who doesn’t let comments upset him but reading that has really knocked him.” Ross’ dad, Andrew, 45, called the Domino’s blunder “totally disgusting”.

“You would not describe someone by the colour of their skin or by calling them fat so why is it OK to call Ross ginger? I think they picked on him because he is just a lad and they knew he wouldn’t defend himself. It is prejudice.

“They offered him a free pizza but the damage has been done and he doesn’t want to go back in case it happens again.”

The manager of the Domino’s in England was Pat Bennet. She issued the following statement:

“It was for the benefit of the person who took the order. It wasn’t meant to cause offence.

“I have apologized to the family over the phone and the member of staff concerned has written an apology to the boy. We will ensure nothing like this happens again.”

The fiery tempered owners of the Ginger Kid are demanding a proper apology from the Domino’s head office.

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TMNT Pizza Thrower Is Real

turtles pizza thrower

If you used to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you were a kid, then you might remember the pizza thrower the turtles had. It was a bizarre weapon which the reptilian heroes used to fire pizzas at their enemies, the samurai Shredder and his foot soldiers. There was even a cool toy but I never owned it because it would have irritated my parents when I shot them.

To coincide with the new TMNT film, Pizza Hut have commissioned the construction of a real life pizza thrower. The pizza thrower can hit 75mph, stands twelve feet high, nine feet wide, and sixteen feet long and launches real pizzas at its victims. Pizza Hut commissioned the movie special FX crew at Synn Labs to put the pizza thrower together. It only took them seven weeks.

“So throwing pizzas is a unique challenge, ” said Adam Sadowski of Special Effects Unlimited. “The solution we settled on is actually a pneumatic ram. We take compressed air and inject it very quickly into a cylinder which will propel our pizzas right out the barrel… it’s gonna be a sight to see.”

The tank-like rotating pizza turret launches pizzas up to thirty feet at a pace of twenty feet per second. The vehicle’s operation, as described by the builders:

Pizzas are loaded by a gunner in the belly of the vehicle and then “thrown” by the press of a trigger on the handlebars on the turret atop the structure. When the trigger is pressed, compressed air fills a pneumatic actuator which causes a plunger to rapidly extend and launch the pizza at a target.

The turret is powered by an electric wheelchair motor attached to a vertically mounted 3-inch metal shaft, allowing the perch to rotate from 9-o’clock to 11-o’clock in less than 5 seconds to fire at targets surrounding the Pizza Thrower.

Operators climb aboard the Pizza Thrower using one of the two chrome ladders located on each side of the vehicle.

I am glad something cool has come out of this latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake, because the film looks absolutely awful. What’s with those weird noses? They look kinda ethnic.

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